Saturday, October 9, 2010

Mito Xiu 1 minute transfiguration "Impressionism" Photo

Is so curious, "Mito Xiu Xiu" software, and then went down one to install, use and we have to realize that the effect of this software is in fact a few mouse click plus drag! You do not believe , the following do you read on.

Mito Xiu Xiu the four bright spots:

1. Easy to use: Each person can easily get started, without having to learn!

2. Instant Beauty: add blush, add eyelashes, resurfacing a snap!

3. Stunning material: There are many beautiful jewelry animation, text, templates ...

4. Personality flashing: a unique non-mainstream flash map, flash character, a key generation!

(Figure 1)

(Figure 2)


Open Mito Xiu import artwork, see the right diagram shows the results in the "newspaper" style it? It is to the effect, click its original image on the big change of style.

(Figure 3)

(Figure 4)

Next, for the black and white map with a little more color, appear to be more witty. Add blush is a good choice, as is a simple click can be applied to the artwork in the style. Then under the preferences and then click Apply blush to the artwork on the jewelry, there will be an action box: Click dragging the corners to adjust the size of jewelry, the lower right corner are three buttons for transparency can be adjusted, adjust the display angle, exit ornaments editing state.

(Figure 5)

Finally, to "lovely jewelry" and "cool template" pick point favorite small ornaments decorate the artwork, the re-tune the relocation of what to change transparency, completed! How, simple enough, right? And dizzy enough out of the effect of absolute !

(Figure 6)

Forgot to say, this is not the all popular "flash map" What? Even Zan P out of the picture can not Naqu published in newspapers and magazines as illustrations, to the effect that it add some flash map, put his QQ space, so be envious friends to watch is also a good thing ah! to achieve the same simple way, there are 18 kinds of beauties Xiu own personalized Flash map effect, click Apply on the line, there should be one you like!

(Figure 7)

Improve the article:

If you get a cluttered background is a picture, and the last "paper" effect out of a number of miscellaneous points, miscellaneous get it? Very simple image editor has a brush button above, click to open it to set an appropriate brush size , then select the color and the base map for the color line in the pictures, hold down the mouse can get rid of those complex points smear variegated it!

(Figure 8)

In addition, application of "newspaper" This picture special effects, the application can once again look to enhance the effect of other special effects display. Such as using "soft" to improve the image of the fuzzy sense (below left), with a "warming" to the picture slightly colored (below right) and so on. In short, enjoy playing it.

(Figure 9)

(Figure 10)

Give us show Huoer P out of a few "Impressionism," rang out now! Hehe ...

(Figure 11)

(Figure 12)

(Figure 13)

(Figure 14)

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